TODAY – AIA Vitality offers members an effective way to stop smoking

AIA Vitality was featured in TODAY. Leading an innovative way to help smokers quit. Thru AIA Vitality, it encourages its members to be aware of their health situation by participation in their health assessment programs. With the knowledge of their health situation, members can make the informed choices and adjustments to healthier habits.

To encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, members who join the Allen Carr”s Easy way オンラインカジノ日本 to Stop Smoking seminar enjoy a discount of 30% paying only S$455. Allen Carr”s Easy way to Stop Smoking is one of the most successful smoking-cessation programme in the world. With 150 clinics in over 45 countries. It features a money-back guarantee with a success rate of over 90%.


Women live longer than men, but work for shorter period and earn less